Fresh from the field flavour all year round

Selecting the right variety, growing in the correct soil type, knowing when to harvest the crop at its peak and storing the product in optimum storage conditions is the root to success for the carrot crop and that’s what we as a business aspire to achieve with a fresh-from-the-field flavour all year round.


30 Years’ Experience in the Swede Industry

Fearn’s have 30 years’ experience in the swede industry with a wealth of knowledge regarding growing of the crop and variety selection.

In 1999, Fearn’s started to use insect netting for their swede growing operation in preference to using chemicals for the control of cabbage root fly.

We start harvesting in August and continue through to the end of March.  We always have a supply available in our custom-built cold store, where they are kept at their peak until onward delivery.  Stocks are replenished throughout the harvesting season when ground conditions permit thus reducing the impact of field deterioration.