Protecting our Environment

Committed to Sustainable Practices

Fearn’s commitment to good and sustainable land management, reduction of plastic usage and self-sufficient energy provision is helping protect our environment and preserve the condition of our ground and its soil for future generations.

Our on-site wind turbine generates enough electricity to provide power for all the buildings and homes on the farm including the cold store which operates on a year-round basis. Any excess electricity is fed into the National Grid.

Harvesting Approach

Ethical land management

We use the same good land management approach when we harvest swedes. By harvesting and storing them from August onwards we have the luxury of waiting until ground conditions are good before replenishing stock.

One of the biggest environmental benefits of harvesting and storing our produce in October is that we don’t have to use plastic sheeting and straw to protect them from frost damage. 

Reduction of plastic usage is high on the agenda worldwide and straw is becoming scarcer and more expensive.  At Fearn’s we’re very happy that our alternative method of production not only reduces plastic usage but leaves the fields we rent in good condition for the next crop which means the landowners are also very happy.

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